Welcome to QEMG.org.

The purpose of this server is the exchange of information relating to the quantitative analysis of electromyographic data.

What is "QEMG"?

QEMG, or Quantitative ElectroMyoGraphy, is the quantitative analysis of the state of muscle tissue, observed through the electrical activity of the muscle fibres.

Where can one learn more about EMG?

A good place to start is the Stanford EMG Lab project.

Are there any tools for EMG at this site?

Yes. You may be interested in these two projects:

  1. the Sierra <=> DQEMG Bridge: an integration of the DQEMG program with the Cadwell Laboratories Sierra Wave.

    Please see contact information on this page to acquire this software.

  2. EMGLAB Decomposition integration with both the muscle simulator and DQEMG.