Technical Reference Documents

  1. Production of Simulated EMG Using the Physiological Model of the simtext Program (updated October 17, 2007)

    This document provides some explanation regarding the use of the EMG simulator described in:

    A discussion of the probable utility of the simulated data to answer questions regarding muscle structure and its visibility from various needle locations is provided.

    The latest version of the program itself, as well as a Matlab wrapper is available at the EMGLAB Software download site. Executable files for both Windows and Macintosh are supplied in the zip archive available here. Users wishing to use the simulator on other architectures are invited to contact Dr. Hamilton-Wright for source code. Note that the software has only been tested in 32-bit environments.

  2. DQEMG Program Introduction and Overview (updated July 8, 2009)

    An overview of the purpose, use and navigation of the DQEMG program. DQEMG is available for interested collaborators. Please see the document for details.